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Fresh Craft Brew

The standard brew is 48 liters,(approximately 104 TALL-BOY CANS) and the choice of beer types range from Ultra Lite, Hopped Up Pilsner, Dark Ales and anything in between. The choice is yours. Our Micro Brewery is at your service to create the perfect brew for you. Beer prices start at $140.00, tax in.

Our CRAFT BREWED BEERS are brewed in traditional COPPER KETTLES which are fired by natural gas burners. Following the brewing process, the wort (beer before fermentation is started) is left to ferment in our climate controlled fermenting room for seven days. Once fermentation is complete, the beer is moved to the cold room which allows the brew to COLD AGE for seven to ten days. Next, the beer is ready to be COLD FILTERED leaving a crystal clear brew ready for packaging by you in kegs, cans or bottles.


Domestic Beer

Canadian Lager,   Canadian Lite Lager, Canadian Ale, Suds SP, South Shore Lite,
Suds Lite, Sudswiser, Pilsner, Lite Pilsner, Canex, North River Pilsner, MGD, Kelk,
X-LITE, Aussie Lager, Pale Ale, Slats Lager, Yankee, Zacks’s Lager  

Import Style Beer

English Ale:  Double Diamond Style, English Ale: Toby Style, German Bock Beer, Guinness, Heini, HungarianPilsner, Munchen Pilsner, Porter Sharp, Porter Sweet, Prague Pilsner, Russian Imperial Stout, Dark Cheque,   Ero Pilsner, Korona, German Bud, Munich Pilsner,
 BittersLite, Bitters Dark 
Bock Beer,
Brown Ale (Newcastle Style)

Premium Beer


Barley Lager,
Moose Ahead,
Cream Ale, Creammorre, Dry Stout, HoneyBrown,
Premium House Ale,
House Ale(sweet), KeithersIPA,
Shaw Lager, OrilliaXXX, Premium Super Dry, Rickards Redd,
V.P. Ale, Old Smooth,
Wheat Lager, Danube Pilsner, Stella

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